Chris Riley presents the BBC's first live webcast in the summer of 2001, covering the total eclipse of the sun, visible from southern Africa. With him are Bronwen Ley and the BBC's Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh.

Following the coverage the correspondence below from viewers around the world flooded in:

Correspondence below from viewers:

“Whoever you are - THANKS!!! it worked just in time. Truly amazing

“Folks,had almost the entire company watching here in Cambridge absolutely amazing! Thankyou very much !!!”

“I watched your show from Belgium. It was terrific. thank you very much for a magic moment. see you next year for the next one.”

“You were just fantastic! Great effort all of you - we were all gripped! Beat the pants off sky who were a)1 minute behind you b) crap.”

“Dear Chris and Team, thank you all for a wonderful experience on-line. my partner and I were hoping to be somewhere in Africa to experience this eclipse but for many reasons we were unable to. Today we were able with your help to enjoy the atmosphere and majesty of the event. We look forward to your promise of such excellent coverage again in 2002.”

“Just to thank you for your eclipse coverage. My partner and I had planned to be in Mozambique today to watch the eclipse. Sadly, she died on May 29 from lung cancer. Thanks to you, I was able to see the eclipse and if she is still looking over my shoulder, I know she saw it too. Simon

"The eclipse over the web, Brilliant folks, Thank you”

“Yeah!! just been to have a look at the eclipse through our welding shield- amazing. The whole office is out there taking turns for a look. Just got your email and realised it was time to have a look and just got there in time.

"Thanks!! My friend Jim is in Zambia at the moment having the full works.”
“V. nice. Great presenter on the webcast - enthusiasm is all :)”

“Just felt I had to pop you a note to say how totally, utterly, completely cool the eclipse cam is. Have just spent the last half hour completely glued to it. Fantastic.”

“Well done for broadcasting the eclipse. I was quite excided whilst I sat
here at work, the presenters enthusiasm really came across.”

“Just watched your webcast- BRILLIANT! - you and the team did a great job and really made me feel I was there.”

“You must all be really happy with how well the webcast went. I had an office full of people watching it here at SOAS and they were all very > impressed.”

“My congratulations to all of you, I really enjoyed your live broadcast via the net! It reminds me the vivid emotions of my earlier eclipse experiences of 1980 (Kenya) and 1999 (Turkey)”

“thanks guys... I must have been in a small minority in Cornwall 99 who saw it all - it changed the weather, moved the clouds and made me speechless. I knew it would get to you guys like it did to me - thanks for making me realise how lucky I was that day. Jamie, London”

“Thank you very much for the web cast. It was excellent!”

“congratulations on an innovative job being really well done - it's a pleasure to join the coverage from my desk at work!!”

“Fantastc coverage there thank you so much, really did seam like I was there, and for free! Brilliant.”

“Just saw your live broadcast of the eclipse - luckily Alison remembered it
was today. Brilliant - enthralling - really wish we were with you out there.”

“I've been watching online.. Just awesome!!! Brilliant coverage!.!”

“great show man. thank you for sharing it with us.”

“I've just watched you on-line eclipse footage - thank you very much for the opportunity to 'be there'. The pictures and particularly the words of the presenters took me right back to August 1999, Holywell Bay, Cornwall. I was one of the very lucky few who saw totality from the UK and the emotions it brought up were powerful and unexpected. I didn't expect to be moved quite as much as I was and I can fully understand the speechlessness experienced by your presenters.”

“Fantastic coverage. A triumph. Thanks a million.”

“Patrick here watching your coverage from Ireland at work. Your coverage has been superb. I've been watching MSNBCs and they didn't get near showing the stages of the eclipse that you guys managed to get. Thanks a mil!”

“Thanks for allowing me to see the eclipse which is so far away. It brings back memories of having breakfast and watching the (partial) eclipse from Bognor in W Sussex with my family.”

“you are a star Chris and the whole thing was amazing. well done all of you - a stunning bit of streaming!!!!!”

“Thanks for the view and the commentary. I would have liked to be there, but I did not try hard enough. Your experiment has been a success!!!”

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