Oaxaca, Mexico is one of the poorest regions in North America. Three out of four people lack access to basic necessities like food, water, education and healthcare. Most live in dirt-floor huts and have no running water, electricity or sewage system. The average Oaxacan lives on less than $1.25 a day. Nutritional deficiency is common, and 42% of Oaxaca’s population has no access to health care. Only five percent of the people will go beyond primary school, and 39% of the girls will get pregnant in their teens.

This video introduces you to Trigo y Miel, Forward Edge’s family empowerment program in Oaxaca, Mexico. With the help of monthly child sponsors, this ministry provides a feeding and tutoring program for over 60 at-risk children. It also employs some of these children’s parents at its community bakery as part of our “Jobs for Life” initiative.

The greatest asset Trigo y Miel provides is hope. You see, extreme poverty can often take root as a frame of mind passed on from generation to generation. Many children in Oaxaca are taught they won’t amount to much in life. In fact, adult women are often taught that, too. This leaves them feeling defeated, lacking confidence and motivation to make the most of their opportunities.

Trigo y Miel is working hard to eradicate this poverty mindset by relentlessly affirming and encouraging the children and families in our program. We also offer emotional support, healthy challenges and the unconditional love of Christ.

You can help these Oaxacan families climb out of extreme poverty by giving towards Forward Edge programs and/or going on a mission team to serve them. forwardedge.org

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