For 2011 72 Film Fest closed our 6 year cycle of Inspiration and Influence, this time asking filmmakers to be influenced by each other. Teams were given the beginning and ending frames to their films, the frames culled from previous year’s 72 Film Fest entries.

For a while, we had known that for year 6 we would be drawing from previous participating teams for inspiration. Subtle hints were inserted throughout Year 5′s presentation. The specific criteria of 2011 was directly inspired by the children’s game of telephone.

Originally we were going to base most everything around the idea of a switchboard (including our Launch Party), and Joey McAdams had an idea that would not only use switchboards, incorporate this year’s criteria (beginning and ending frames) but also bookmark the “ending” to the first iteration of 72 Film Fest with shout outs to people and teams that have been a part of the Festival. Only a handful of the 100+ team names and individuals who have helped out through the years are visible in the final product.


directed by joey mcadams

actress jenn wood
production design brenden clark
gaffer lew abramson
cg animation jon dehart
title animation chris burt
props mike dehart
special thanks VMC Catherine Anne

music: nin ghosts 33 (creative commons)

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