Turkish bath is an installation by Tetine made up of four projectors, realtime audio & original soundtrack.
Comprised of 16 men of different backgrounds, nationalities and age groups, all the participants were filmed in realtime between 2003 and 2004 in their private showers, bathtubs & toilets. It features approximately 16 hours of footage & conversations on various aspects of masculinity. The conversations are experienced together in the same space through separated sets of headphones available for visitors.

"Masculinity and its social, sexual and human unfoldings defined the main concept of Tetine's work comprised of a series of images of men in bathing situations (showers , bathtubs etc..) and their corresponding private spaces. The participants are 16 men who belong to different social classes, nationalities and age groups.
The images were taken as pre-performance based primarily upon the relationship between Tetine and the participant, the masculine and the private , including the clash with shame, embarrassment and exhibitionism - between intrusion and acceptance, between activity and passivity. Its major goal is to generate performance via the participant in relation to his image, space, speech, relation to his body and to others, beauty products a and veiled vanities. Some visual and sound identities that make up the work were created and worked upon in a series of pre-performances (the recording sessions). The process is complemented by the relations of ambiguity that exists during the negotiations, so that ideas associated with intimacy, identity, pleasure, relaxation, tension, voyerism, cliche, permissiveness and censorship are highlighted for the spectator. The images of the four screens are presented with differnt editing times, there maybe ocasional syncropnism in moments of total darkness in the space.

The conversations between Tetine and the participants are experienced together in the same space through headphones available for visitors".

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