Someone Someday Something, the group exhibition by LFMC photographers Mounir Raji, Sharon Jane Dompig and Atlynn Vrolijk opened Thursday the 16th of May during the RIGHTABOUTNOW Festival at the MC Theater in Amsterdam.

Atlynn Vrolijk (Hawaii, 1984) studied Lifestyle and Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She graduated in 2009 specializing in photography. The inspiration for this ‘Fine Things’ photo series is the beauty that passionate young women possess. What the young women portrayed all have in common is a strong vision of what they want to do and how they want to conquer the world. They want the good things out of life. They’re surrounded by people who inspire them and in turn, they inspire the rest of the world. Vrolijk tried to capture the vulnerable side of these beautiful and cool women. Vrolijk went back to basics with this raw black and white photography.

Sharon Jane Dompig (Groningen, 1989) is a young visual artist based in The Netherlands. She interned at Petrovsky & Ramone in 2010. She graduated Lifestyle & Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) in 2012. That same year she was nominated for the WDKA Maaskant Prize. Her work is all about frameworks and motion or in her own words “being experimental and visualizing ideas”. She is inspired by the different perceptions of beauty, identity and sexuality. Her free work often has a melancholic undertone and contains a mix of reality and illusion. For this work she asks the question: “Is it about the face behind the art? Or should it be about the art itself?” With ‘Someone Someday Something’ she shows a selection of work she made in collaboration with different aspiring designers and visual artists. She is fascinated by the way faces are valued by brands, artists and viewers. She presents an unidentified person, a person without a face who wants to become someone someday, by doing something they love.

“The Boys” is an ongoing project by photographer Mounir Raji (Zaandam, 1982). It is a portrait series of young men ranging from the age of 17 to 23. Striking is how confident they are. They do what they love and they’ll let no one stop their dreams. They have chosen their school education wisely as also their work and what they do in their spare time. At a young age they have already determined what they want in their lives. Mounir himself didn’t know what he wanted to do until the age of 25. The many courses he did in the past were based on what was practical and what was “safe” for his future and not on what he really liked. Only when Mounir came into contact with photography, he knew that this was what he truly wanted to do. Through his own experiences, he now tries to open the eyes of young boys and girls around him. As well as others who reluctantly go to work everyday. This exhibition is the beginning of a long-term project in which Mounir’s trying to encourage people to always look for what they love. Mounir Raji studied photographic design, has worked as an assistant and now works as a successful independent photographer. He also teaches his passion photography to young students at The FOTOfactory.

Video shot and edited by Nicolay Lima of OPJENETVLIES
Additional footage shot by Margreet Lont

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