WE ARE NEWTOWN is a proposed documentary that follows the community of Newtown, Connecticut as they recover from the unimaginable tragedy of the December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Odyssey Networks has unique access to tell the story of how one galvanizing moment has changed the course of individual lives, the mission of a community and the journey to find healing.

WE ARE NEWTOWN will tell the story of Newtown that no one else is telling. How this small community, with a strong interfaith presence at its heart, has moved to social action to make a statement about gun violence. How they have reached out to their urban neighbors who have been living with the devastating effects of gun violence for years, and how they have come together to fight for a common cause born of pain and grief.


Odyssey Networks exists to tell stories like this one – stories of faith in action changing the world for the better. The producer/director of this documentary is Kim Snyder, an award-winning independent filmmaker with a particular interest in issues of social justice. Our hope is that this documentary will not only document a community transforming, but serve as a model for communities throughout the country dealing with issues of gun violence.

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