|| LIFE ||
On this Friday night, I went out to celebrate Khang, Jason, Chris, and Kent’s birthdays at Downtown Disney. When I told Kent and Divya I was planning on only taking video tonight, they scoffed at me! I was told that it would be “creepy”. Great friends, huh. We started off the evening by picking up Divya at her apartment. Kent proceeded to kill a bug with a Jell-O box which may have been the night’s most entertaining moment.

Dinner took place to Tortilla Joe’s which may have been the most overpriced and underwhelming Mexican food restaurant I’ve ever been to. Here’s the thing: I love Mexican food, but I’ll pass on the Tortilla Joe’s, El Torito, and whatever sit-down Mexican restaurant you can name. For me, it’s all about the taco trucks and quick-eat places. If you don’t serve lengua or buche, you’re just not going to taste as good.

We eventually got kicked out of Downtown Disney for causing a mess with the cake! Either way, the evening was fun and it was great seeing how many people showed up (30+). It’s not very often you get to celebrate 4 birthdays at once.

|| TECH ||
Once again, the 5DMK2 was equipped with the Sigma 50mm lens. I’ve since sold it due to the shoddy focusing ring that’s attached to it. It’s not very smooth. The image quality on it is fantastic though and well worth the price tag (~$475). The restaurant was extremely dark so I wish I shot at a higher ISO. I think most of the interior shots are at 3200, but I could have afforded to crank it to 6400.

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