Ellin Lavar is a New York based celebrity hair designer. The Textures™ collection of hair care products reflects a culmination of Ellin’s decades of experience working with textured or “challenging” hair types.

Created 06/06/2005.

When I took on this project, I had just received my first ever Mac computer, loaded it up with Final Cut Studio, followed the tutorials in the book "Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4". I did not know how to zip a file on the Mac, I only had system fonts installed, and didn't know how to install fonts.

I created 2 versions of the show, one for general markets and one for women of color. I edited this in Final Cut Pro 5. I created the music and SFX using stock loops in Soundtrack Pro. I shot the product still and animated them in Motion, and animated the text in Motion. I also used Adobe Photoshop, but I had to slide down to the PC to do that.

I had not doubt that I could “do” the job well, I just wasn’t sure how hard or polished it would be. In the end, there’s not a lot that I’m not happy with. I’d definitely be more creative with CG and use a different font.

Now, mac is second nature and I have a rather nice collection of fonts.

In addition to editing and product photography, I consulted on set design (or simplicity in this case), props and wardrobe. I was impressed by the simplicity of the product packaging and that drove my direction in simplicity with wadrobe, set and product photography.

I was hired to work on this project by a great friend and producer/director/writer/direct response expert, Mark Olson – Totally Direct TV.

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