This is a music video produced for the Ploneys at the Plone Symposium Midwest #psm13. I was in inexplicably asked to be a keynote speaker. Thought it would be great to honor the People of Plone with a music video and an original song.

Here are the lyrics to
The Plone Ranger, Free and Unmasked Song
aka An Ode to the Techies in My Life: You Compete Me
music by Matt Muelling; lyrics by Grace Lim

Plone is like this and that, I hear
and other web software had better fear
Those unenlightened are in a fog
Four words: Wordpress is a Blog!

I surely don’t care if GoDaddy
Went with that ol’ CMS baddy
I fear no Drupal danger
Because of the Plone Ranger

(Chorus, Everyone )
Hi Ho, CMS Stranger
It is I, the Plone Ranger
Primed for any task
The Plone Ranger
Free and unmasked

(Spoken: Boy, howdy, we’d done gonna have a hootenanny up in here with our Plone.)

Just know that Plone is the best,
It passes all of our security tests
Top-secret people all use Plone
Cause it’s organic and home-grown
I could tell you who,
but (spoken) then, well then I’ll have to kill ya.
And Plone Rangers do many things,
but not that.

Repeat Chorus 2 more times.

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