When asked how others could follow their passions for making change, Gregg Treinish simply replied: “Three seconds of courage..That’s all it takes”

The thought of making positive change in this world is often followed by a frustrating and sometimes disheartening “How?” Gregg asked himself this same question for many years, until one day – it hit him. He had all the right tools, and was recently given a huge leg up by being named an Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic. Gregg combined his passion for adventure, his education in wildlife biology, and three seconds of courage to launch Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.

A few years of unpaid work and complete dedication was followed by a wave of support that is continuing to grow. The organization is becoming more and more successful through each expedition they connect a scientist to.

Beneath the success, however, lies the reality of day to day life. In this story we hear how Gregg struggles to balance the responsibility he feels toward the environment with the relationships he holds dear. We’ll follow Gregg during one difficult expedition where he realizes that relationships are what give us the courage to make change in the first place.

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