This video was created as part of the outreach and recruitment for Common Cents, a powerful, joyous program that began in NYC schools and is spreading to other parts of the country.
Teddy and Nora Gross began with a simple idea: pennies are everywhere, often overlooked, treated with condescension. Not unlike young people.
They created an organization that mobilizes students to collect pennies door to door and bring them in to school. Those pennies add up. A few years ago they created a giant Penny Field at Rockefeller Center filled with their Harvest. Total amount collected: nearly A MILLION DOLLARS.
The beauty part is that the funds collected go back to each school and a student-run committee decides what group in the community will receive a grant to further its good work. So students become activists with clout, the power of the purse, able to make real changes in their neighborhoods. So they're more likely to continue to want to change the world in the future, since they've been successful in this first enterprise.
We created some original music for the video, having fun We- Are -The -World-style.

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