Official Selection Homegrown Film Festival 2013
Best Amateur/College Short Film and Best in Show Elkhorn Valley Film and Media Conference 2013

Roy always wanted to grow up to be a cowboy. But one day, when he decided to stage a thrilling old west style hold-up of an armored car, he realized you don't always ride off into the sunset.

Happy Trails is the second short film produced by NoSeatbelts Productions (

Written and Directed by Michael Johnson
Story by Michael Johnson, Donnie Earl and James Pelter
Production Coordinator - Aja Martin
First Assistant Director - Shae Sackman

Roy - Donnie Earl
Guards - Bo Nesslein, Colby Coash
Annabelle - Karrie Bauman
Mother - Joanna Kingsbury
Young Roy - Porter Tyren
Lady in White - Noel Yuri-Bermudez
Puppet performer - Nolan Tredway
Singing Voice - Jessica Wallen-Thompson

Producers - Aja Martin and Shae Sackman
Script Supervisor - James Pelter
Original Music - James Oliva
Cinematography - Matt Patterson
Editing - Matt Patterson
Production Design - Carole Zacek and Michael Johnson
Costume Design - Carole Zacek
Makeup - Aja Martin and Dorothy Booream
Puppet Design - Nolan Tredway
Sound Engineer - Brian Roma
Camera Operators - Matt Patterson, Brian Roma and Joe Gruttemeyer
Assistant Camera - Joe Gruttemeyer
Gaffer - Mark Thimijan
Recording Engineer - Matthew Juhl
Original Musical Score written by James Oliva
Performed by James Oliva
“Happy Trails” written by Dale Evans and Roy Rogers
Performed by Jessica Wallen-Thompson
Kickstarter Backers
Dorothy Booraem, Gary Butterfield, Mike Machian, Jennie Kohl Austin, Charles Hubenka,
Kait Berreckman, Andrew Newton, Wendy Schuman, Mark Dews, Unfettered Entertainment,
Erin Pieschke, Matt Patterson, abbi, Stephen Perigo, Keir, Shawn Woodman, Jessica
Wallen-Thompson, Larry Pelter, Cynthia Martinez, Molly Pearson, Jodi Finch, Lisa Davis,
Mary Kate Millerd, Anthony Raymond Watt, Israel Knight, Katie Kern, Matt Ahlschwede,
Maureen Sadler, Mia Thompson, Katie Parsons, Brian Roma, Jonathan Reyes, Korinne
Zimmerman, James Pelter, David Kuskie, Allison Frenzel, Yolanda Bermudez, Ken Wilson,
Lily Rehrmann, Lea Wroblewski, Jennifer Harman
Special Thanks
Don and Kim Earl, Frances Hitzel, Mark and Judy Martin, Grandma Bev, Chad Haufschild,
Dorothy Booraem, Indigo Bridge Books, Brian Roma, Jenn and Trevor Bassen, Terry
Ladman, Kati Umberger

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