If the Chinese lunar goddess Chang-e had a Facebook page, what would it look like?

In “Lost Property Unit”, New York City’s own chartered dance explorer Mei-Yin Ng opens an investigation into the bodily and soul-driven limits of surveillance, networking, and media. Dance, robotic sculpture, and a time bending blend of live and recorded video craft a chilling narrative of a beautiful recluse and the cyborg pet who is anything but her best friend. Quoting and re-writing Hitchcock’s thrillers, Wong Kar-wai’s nostalgic romances, the science fiction of Twilight Zone, and the canon of Chinese mythology, “Lost Property Unit” lures us into a head space where solitude is never total and togetherness is always just out of reach.

Conceive and perform by: Mei-Yin Ng
Choreography by: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Kelly Buwalda and Cassandra Taylor
On screen performer: Mei-Yin Ng, Kelly Buwalda, Cassandra Taylor.
Robotic/Media design by: Sofy Yuditskaya, Eric Mika
Video/media design by: Nicolas Jenkins
Sound design by: James Lo
Costume consultant/design by: Julija Frodina
Headpiece design by: Ashra Bankauskaite and Mante Maskoliunaite "aka jewellery"

Development of this work was made possible through the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP), 2012-2013, NYC

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