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Military Watch of the Universe — The Legend Continues
In 2012, CHEVACHl designed a trendsetting military watch, a model called the Area51. As a continuation of the design concept, the new version retains the "mysterious cosmic legend of the tenth stellar" and the "highly controversial military control area" design blueprint. The dial, bezel and pointer color, design and its proportions all come together, creating a precise, delicate transformation. At the same time, the overall design integrated into a popular new color element of 2013. Inspired by the avant-garde design with its precise and delicate improvement, the brand continues its new vision for a legendary military watch.
New color perfect transformation
In the field of watch design, CHEVACHl does not like flamboyant design tricks, but has always stressed the sense of depth created by proportions of the human body and black-and-white tones. In addition to retaining the Unisex 44mm watch case, the new version also uses the popular color elements of 2013 where simple and neat contrast brings out five new designs. The carefully transformed design gives a sense of simplicity as well as a fashionable image.
Behind the design outlook and its soul lies coordination of high precision technology. In AREA51, CHEVACHl retains the Japanese Seiko week-calendar movement engine with the new "T" shaped calendar week window design. With a neat dial and elegant arrangement of figures, the time, date and day of the week is clearly visible. Regardless of the exterior design or its functionality, the wearer will appreciate the design precision of the wrist watch.

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