Shoreside dunes fortified with natural vegetation provide natural barrier against storm surges. In the Rockaways, most of the dunes lacked these stabilizing roots and were washed away during Hurricane Sandy.

In this video, we follow :
Anne Apparu and the kids creating seed bombs made with a selection of dune plant seeds like switchgrass, atlantic panic grass and beach peas growing in the Rockaway dunes.
Sarah Ahsley during the distribution of lots seedbombs on May Day in Union Square.
Edward Twichell Hall during the March against Monsanto on May 25.
Anne Apparu and the kids of the Action Center throwing the seedbombs on Beach 59th street.

The Love Bomb Seed Bomb project's aim in the Rockaways is to restore lost coastal ecology by presenting a dune care momentum to be adopted by seaside communities: plugging dune grass in winter time, picking seeds in the fall and making seed balls in spring and the fall.

Everyone is encouraged to attend all Love Bomb Seed Bomb actions:

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple"
Bill Mollison

editing : Perrine Henon, Caroline Legrand, camera : Theo Nebout

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