HENRY OOI - Film Director

Tell us about WA.RE.
This video is titled WA.RE. The name is actually taken from the words water and fire. I have loved fashion all my life. Before I got fooled into the film industry, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. But since I spent half of my life in film, I would now love to marry both worlds. With the technology available today, we are experimenting with new digital looks and also the desire of working with lots of up and coming talented people and companies in Malaysia.

What was the inspiration behind the video?
The concept is simple, I want to see high fashion styling in motion and capture it in super slow motion, detailed in hi resolutions using the new Epic, by Redcam. The technology can capture movement at up to 299fps, allowing us to have enough frames to view it like a magazine. Inspired by my all -time favourite, Salvador Dali, with his surrealism work, my final vision is to create the look of a piece of paint work in motion. Everything happened quite spontaneously one day at Cineray Post. I was working on a project with artist Mark Wilenkin and I told him I want to test up some visuals with the Red camera, machine, and software he was working on. Then all hell broke loose, and the thought became an idea and concept. That’s why it is sometimes dangerous to put great minds together. Even if only for a short time.

Vincent Ho – Marketing Director at Kimarie Group
My team and I, under Kimarie for hair and M Academy for makeup, were responsible for coming up with the hair and makeup for the video that is in line with Henry’s vision of what he hopes to achieve. Due to the very elaborate nature of the hair pieces, we had difficulty keeping them secured on the models at first, and they would move about too much when the models were in motion. It took us a few tries, but everything worked out in the end.

ERIC OH – Freelance Cinematographer
The main challenge for this project is that we wanted the imagery to convey a certain emotion and we believed the best way to achieve that is to shoot everything in high-speed (slow motion). We wanted the look to be that of a slick magazine spread so the lighting had to reflect that as well. This project is different from what I normally do because it’s a marriage of high fashion world with motion picture. That and the fact that this shoot isn’t done for a specific client gives us much more room to be creative in the styling of the models and sets as well as the lighting.

AZRIL – Founder & Company Director for BASE Model Management
Base Model Management was honoured to be selected as the modelling agency to supply both male and female Caucasian models for this project. Henry sets a goal of professionalism, flourished with creativity and satisfaction in his work. As each scene has a different approach, we’re proud to say that our models that are not only experienced, but also easy to work with.

Paul Morrison – Wasp Studios
My aim is to push the boundaries on every project and more importantly enjoying the process. I’ve never worked on a MTV style film that is geared towards fashion. The challenge for this project was to write a track that doesn’t feel like it is post scored to the film, but one that feels like a MTV video that has being cut to the music. The result is the bridging of the gap between film, music and indirect marketing of fashion and a brand.

To read up more about the shoot: 360celsius.com/features/personalities-the-film-director-2/

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