While following a lead to The Stockroom, a popular Silver Lake fetish shop, the Bears fall into the clutches of a wild-eyed dominatrix named Mistress Lena (special guest star Margaret Cho), who comes armed with an array of sex toys including an electric cattle prod, a spinning torture wheel and a vibrating dildo. Nelson: Ben Zook. Wood: Joe Dietl. Reggie: Rick Copp. Stockroom Daddy #1: Patrick Z. Stockroom Daddy #2: Billy Hamilton. Slaveboy: Daniel Blair.

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is "The Golden Girls" meets "Murder She Wrote" with big, hairy, gay men. Season 2 premieres June 10th, 2013, and consists of 23 TOTAL EPISODES!
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