Peter D. Gerakaris' short film, "Garden of Cosmic Delights" takes viewers on a kaleidoscopic journey through the artist's newest series of neon-charged, origami-fold accordion books ( As intimate objects that have been fervidly constructed, painted, and drawn by hand -- objects which relish the analog mode -- these books also explore the complex terrain of Nature-Culture dynamics. As his first foray into film, Gerakaris seeks to expand upon the non-linear "popup" book format by utilizing the four-dimensional "space-time continuum" of digital video, while also bringing his visual vocabulary to life. The organic abstractions, geometric minutia, and symbolic imagery -- which feature vibrant pollinators, bees, human extremities, seductive yet poisonous flowers, deep sea divers, galaxies, hexagons, and honeycombs -- blossom into a metaphysical world that has been dubbed "Post-Pop Botanic." Within these neo-Boschian stage sets, woman and man emerge in figurine form, not only proposing a massive architectural scale for the book environments themselves, but also evoking a contemporary Eden-esque metanarrative. In dialogue with many of these "visual rhythms and loops," Gerakaris has also composed, performed, and recorded an original musical "loop" as soundtrack for this fantastic voyage.

The video will be projected in a large, antique movie theater June 20 - 25th, 2013 for the Mykonos Biennale in Greece, curated by Lydia Venieri.

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"Garden of Cosmic Delights: A Short Film by Peter D. Gerakaris"

Videography by: Mark Lennihan

Original accordion book artworks, still photography, video editing, production, and original music by: Peter D. Gerakaris

Featured accordion book artworks by Peter D. Gerakaris include:
"Cosmicarium Accordion Book"
"Garden of Cosmic Delights Accordion Book"
"Garden of Lunar Delights Accordion Book"
"Garden of Aquatic Delights Accordion Book"

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