Everything you have ever done, you’ve done for her, to protect her, to make her happy. Despite her overwhelming mistakes you sacrificed your own happiness so that she could have a shred of it for herself, because you love her. She is your other half, your twin and you would do anything to keep her safe. But you can’t protect her from yourself, and that scares you more than even the prospect of loving someone new. She sees your scars, your fears and all those other things you hide from everyone else, but she still can’t see the killer lying just under the surface.

A character development video for lycanthropes Ehren Roman & Mirida Roman, for the roleplaying site THORN.

Music: The Killer Inside - Better Than Ezra

[i don't own the original videos, i just pieced the clips together using quicktime & imovie]

original videos:

Ben & Zie - Grace Hartzel (vimeo.com/56966131)

NextModelsManagement - Next Models presents Grace Hartzel (youtube.com/watch?v=RG-TAvjLJEw)
Sandy Tedford - Rory Torrens @ Elite (vimeo.com/40578879)
Supplementaire Fashion Journal - Rory Torrens - Client Magazine Issue 4 (vimeo.com/26810907)

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