My second test using cMotion in Cinema 4D, I baked out the motion as a motion clip and then manually animated the head, the landscape was done using the displacement deformer I found that the rendering speed was almost twice as fast as using the displacement channel in the tex the drawback is that the tex displacement channel renders more detail.

Wind and foot step sounds courtesy of ""
Wind sound. Title: Wind Houling 1. License Attribution
Recorded by Bosk1,

Mechanical spider footstep sound. Title: Synthesized footsteps.
License Attribution
Recorded by arithni .

Modelled head of SpiderBot:
Courtesy of "Pixel Lab" free robot 3D models, just a quick note here, I rebuilt the eyes to give it a different look.

All the other meshes in the scene where built and animated by me.
I used cmotion baked out to animate spigot and Greyscalegorillas HDRI light Kit to light the scene.

Other sounds are from the iLife Kit.

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