"Down, down, down..."

Just before 11:00 p.m., the stage energy was already palpable at the Hidden House. The dark performance room, contrasted with sparse, sharp lights, was filled with Mr. Miranda's flow. He build's the crowd with reciprocated chants and transitions the set with funky beats. Though stream of consciousness narratives were never really my bag, the use of them in his set kept things fresh and varied. And though the night had just begun, and no one in the room drove a Benz (at least one guy had been in one), I was pumped and hungry for more as Mr. Miranda of the Writer's Guild closed.

After a little Jackson 5 intermission, RoQ'y TyRaid, also of the guild, took the stage with some fantastic, high-energy free verse. I'm a sucker for fast rhymes, so I'll omit any further comments to keep this proper as possible, but it was placed great in the night and vamped well off of where Mr. Miranda had left, building energy and tension like a good story. Then, backed by DN^3, RoQ'y pumps out aggressive, hard hitting lyrics. “Get mad!” wrote out a mini-climax like a plot device.

Random, aka Mega Ran, brought the resolution to the mini-story for the night. With a little super electro-trap style rhythms, he drew down the energy for his set of mostly cheery, nerdy lyrics just short of nostalgic. Use of 8-bit sounds, live sampling and mixing, and contrasting styles really drove the nail for what the Writer's Guild represents: innovative and talented artists collaborating together to create innovative music and encourage culture growth. True to his name, Mega Ran even broke out freestyle, sampling items from the crowd for subject matter. But if all that wasn't enough, Mega Ran left the stage plenty warm, closing up with some healthy Sugarhill Gang “Apache,” egging the crowd into shameless jumping. On it.

While the Writer's Guild really took the cake for me, the whole of the night at the Hidden House was flush with talent. Every act incorporated the crowd and exemplified the abilities of DJs and lyricists. The Hidden House proved to be a great host, accommodating for crisp, clean vocals and some heady beats. Seriously, there is nothing more aggravating than seeing a hip-hop show and not being able to understand the artist. Novel style meshing, creative performances, and ad-libbed lyrics and rhythms. Keep at it guys, and thanks.

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