"Vie-ness: It is all about life and how we choose to live it.
I lived my life within limits. I was told so many things that I believed, because we innately believe things people tell us.
Those things restricted me. My life was only half-lived.

I started learning, then performing, burlesque. After a few years of performing, I started teaching, and I LOVE my workshops. Women come to them, most with low self-esteem, most feeling they can never be sexy, and they walk out with heads held high. How can I not love that?!!

I also started teaching dance. When I was a child, I really wanted to be a dancer but I was told it was a waste of time and I was too big anyway. No, it's not a waste of time, and, no, I am not too big. I truly believe everyone can get pleasure from dancing and I will do whatever I can to enable that."

Filmed on a Sony Nex 5 and a Sony Nex 5R with manual Canon FD lenses

Edited using FCPX and titles using Motion 5

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