Video Description:
Student video for the song 'Silent Spring' by Massive Attack, with the purpose of envoking a feeling of serenity.

Project Description:
Every element of a film should be intentional and reinforce its underlying theme or purpose. To reach this understanding you will shoot and edit a video montage/collage that conveys a feeling or an emotion. This project’s subject is intentionally broad to encourage creativity, so as you develop your concepts consider many directions as a viable options.

Knowledge Goals:
-‚ Process: conducting research, scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, exporting ‚ Use of digital video cameras and hardware
‚- Editing footage
-‚ Working with audio (sound and music)
‚- Vocabulary of shooting and editing

Understanding Goals:
‚- To apply technical and theoretical knowledge to creatively convey meaning, and inspire thought
‚- To understand the sophisticated relationship between the various elements of motion pictures
‚- To understand that the elements of motion pictures: the composition, the movement (pan, zoom, etc.) the sequence, the sound, the music all convey meaning

‚- Thorough storyboard
‚- One to Three minutes
‚- Appropriate music, no dialogue or narration
‚- People can be used as subjects, but I recommend minimally
‚- Include credits with (title, author, course, year, and credits to sound and sources)

© Nicole Deering 2009. Digital Audio/Video I @ Maryville University 2009FA.

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