Halo Xbox One trailer I directed for E3 2013...Continuing the story of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 as he [REDACTED] for [REDACTED] on the surface of [REDACTED]

Production Company Axis Animation
Executive Producer Richard Scott
Executive Producer Debbie Ross

Director/ Editor John Allardice
Producer Paula Lacerda
Prod. Coordinator Bree Whitford

CG Supervisor Sergio Caires
Lead artist / Colorist John Barclay

Concept Design - characters Jon Beeston
Concept Design - environments Gareth Hector

Lead 3D animator Richard Clay
Animator Steven Graham
Animator Dani Calleja

Previz artist Andy Miller
Layout/ Maya support John Harkins
Layout/ Maya support Tracey Chung

Lead VFX TD Jayden Paterson
VFX TD Andrea Menozzi
VFX TD Yoan Sender
VFX TD Benoit Janke
VFX TD Eetu Martola

Lead Rigging TD Marco Godinho
Rigging TD Davide Munisso
Rigging TD Jose Cuenca

Lead Creature FX TD Nico Kahmann
Creature FX TD Romain Guardia

Light/ Comp Brais Pallas
Light/ Comp Guillaume Jobst
Light/ Comp Raphael Rau
Light/ Comp Martin Contel

Modeling artist Djordje Jovanovic
Modeling artist Kirill Boutourlin
Modeling artist Ronnie Chan
Modelling artist Carles Gonzalez Colas
Modelling artist Steven Barbour
Modelling & Texturing Samar Vijay
Modelling & Texturing Ashish Parashar
Modelling & Texturing Jonathan Blair
Texturing Artist Sandra Pinto

Lead Matte Painter Gareth Hector
Matte painter Patryk Habryn
Matte painter Dimitri Delacovias

Junior Artist Abby Barr

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