[From Press release]
Touch Me Hear is an experimental multimedia work developed last month at Inkub8 as a part of their generous Artist Residency. It was commissioned by Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (New York). The opus explores the relationship between touch, sound and movement. Body parts and its extensions such as hair and clothes become performable musical instruments. From skin sensations to complex digital tactile simulations, the piece exposes disappearing awareness between what can be felt and what actually is. A continuum of scenes filled with humor, solitude and emotionally charged movement contemplate the contemporary world of intertwined vibrations and modalities.

Juraj Kojs, direction, technology, sound and music
Carlota Pradera, choreography and performance
JoAnna Ursal, performance
Kim Yantis, costumes

More info at kojs.net/Touch_Me_Hear.html

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