Snitch, stoolie, informant, whatever you call or think of them, they play an important role in resolving crime, see LYRICS BELOW. - Peter Jurasik, as actor in Hill Street Blues, more famous later in Babylon 5, was the inspiration for this song .... illustrated by the fantastic cartoon animators from the communistic era in Russia, a TV series called NU PAGADI, thanks guys, may you get as famous as Walt Disney !

Buy My News © Artspurg 2001-1988 SABAM

I grew up for trouble
Crime behind the door
Dimes were counting double
Boy I sure was poor
I love being hated
Never toe the line
When the con-man's baited
G-man pays me fine

Ch: I'm the stoolie, signed yours truly
Eagerly I spy, do you wonder why
I'm the pigeon, bad religion,
To crime I'll light a fuse, come and buy my news

Saw it on the telly
G-men cleaned up vice
Champagne in my belly
I just got my slice
Park my wheels on the corner
Jaywalking 's all right
I am the informer
The law is on my side

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