We present new video with the Best Joomla templates and Wordpress themes.
Selected templates and themes are best we found for May 2013.

Best Joomla templates for May 2013:

3. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/21-youjoomla/1669-proapps

2. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/51-joomlage/1651-avanca-

1. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/14-joomlashack/1656-wylia

Best Wordpress themes for May 2013:

3. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/74-templatic/1642-5-star

2. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/39-woothemes/1640-peddlar

1. cmsgadget.com/themes/details/43-themefuse/1643-metro-vibes

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