Black Diamond Equipment’s founder and CEO, Peter Metcalf, has a corner office—the only proper corner office at BD. He moved into it when BD relocated from California in 1991, and over the past 20-plus years his corner office has become filled with an eclectic collection of historical documents, photos, awards, trivia and miscellany.
“Everything in here wouldn’t be if it didn’t have a special memory, something that it was commemorating or honoring,” says Metcalf. “But if this place were to get torched tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me a bit because 99% of my focus is on the future. This stuff is all about the past. That said, it’s also fun to have all this stuff and remember the unique memories associated with them—the amazing adventures, the partners, the experiences had, and the vistas seen.”
A quick glance at the small office’s cluttered walls and over-stuffed bookshelves, however, doesn’t do justice to what has become BD’s mini-museum and hall of fame. Solution? We grabbed a camera and asked Metcalf to explain the significance and stories behind a couple of the countless items in his office.
Here is the result from that quick filming session, the first video in our new series, From The Corner Office.

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