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INFO: Are you a business owner, organization director, religious, or nonprofit organization or just an individual wanting to showcase your e-book, music, product, service, hobby, or special event? We can do it! Put us to work for you! JagudEye Studios & Its Staff's Specialized Services Include:

Digital Photography & Multi-Media, Web Design, Graphics, Business Ethics Training, Public Relations & Image Consulting, Market Research, Market analysis, Strategic Plans, Business & Event Planning/ Management, New Market and Business Development, Product Management, Project Management, Product Launch, Corporate Marketing Communications, Brand Development & Management, B2B Direct Sales and B2B Channel Sales Functions.

We offer:
Innovative and reliable career and business solutions
Immense experience without an immense price
Short-term and long-term assistance
Procurement, set-up and training (if training is necessary)
Ongoing resource and technology management and support

MUSIC & VIDEO by Kandayia 'JagudEye' Ali:
The Only SOUTHERN FEMALE Bass Mechanic On The Planet!!! "YEP Imma Chic AND YEP I MAKE Beats... WELCOME TO A NEW ERA IN MUSIC... COSMIC FUSION: I'm a lover of COMPLEX- LOUD- CLEAR- CRISP- GRUNGY- HEAVY- UNIQUELY INFUSED MUSIC... Spoken word, Meditative, Triphop, B-boy, Reggae, World Music, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Garage, Trance, Urban, Fusion, Orchestra, Synthesized, Dirty South, Dubstep, Grunge, Rock, Trap, Pop, Hiphop, Ole'Skool vibin'- off beat and in step- the mental journeys- thoughts and passions of Kandayia 'JagudEye' Ali. I've tried to pick a genre for my music and poetry productions- and the only categories I would use from now on are 'Cosmic Fusion' and just plain ole' 'Good Music' PERIOD..."

"I have no fear when goin' in after what it is I'm inspired to do. It's clear that there is a point to prove- not to others- TO MYSELF. While proving this point, I represent those who are just tired of hearing the same thing- those who wonder what happened to music with vision and depth. Cosmic Fusion is more than just a description- I use this description to emphasize my true and unconditional love FOR ALL GENRES of music. Music is more than universal; music is a barrier breaker and can be felt on a level reaching further than the soul. I'm doing what most women from the South are told NOT to try-- MAKING HISTORY! I'll always be representing #TeamGoHardOrGoHarder, Urban Arts 3000 and the 3000 BLACK Edition Movement. Sometimes GREATNESS cannot be described- it has to be seen in action. You're invited to take this journey with me." -Kandayia JagudEye Ali

Powered by Urban Arts 3000 | The BLACK Edition - The Cosmic VISIONARIES of the future. GET JAGUDEYE'S Mixtapes for FREE ON DATPIFF!!!

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