"The Shipyard Nike Is Leaving" by Iwona Zając
Camera: Justyna Orłowska
Editing: Iwona Zając, Justyna Orłowska
Music: Krzysztof Topolski
Gdansk 2012-2013
In 2004 Iwona Zając created ‘The Shipyard’ – 250 square meters mural on the wall, that surrounds Gdansk Shipyard. She made interviews with shipyard workers, asking them about the importance of the Shipyard in their lives, cut every single letter of selected statements and printed it on the wall. “The Shipyard Mural is a record of my conversations with Shipyard workers. I wanted to tell a story of a man, his fears, needs, dreams; about never fulfilled life, work, plans (…). This project is my tribute to the people and the place” – said Iwona Zając.
The mural has became important part of Gdansk landscape. Part of it called ‘The Shipyard Nike’, a nude act of Iwona Zając with wings made of shipyard cranes, is a well recognized symbol.
The movie shows the slow death of the shipyard area and Iwona Zając's farewell to the mural. Symbolically she comes off the wall and regains her body.
Monika Popow, 2012
On the 18th of January 2013 the wall was demolished.


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