A crude edit of a bunch of sketches I made through a process of experimentation & learning. I used a section of Richie Hawtin's set in Cape Town as the audio track. Listen: soundcloud.com/richiehawtin/richie-hawtin-de9-fragments-7

// ***** Processing is an open source programming language designed for visual artists - processing.org ***** //

Sketches run at 60 fps
Renderer: OpenGL
Screenflick for screen capture (because it captures at 60 fps & exports to lossless Quicktime at 60 fps)
Workflow: Drag 60 fps Quicktime exported from Screenflick into 30 fps comp in After Effects and render for Vimeo upload.

// *****Libraries Used *****//

Minim for audio: code.compartmental.net/tools/minim
Geomerative: ricardmarxer.com/geomerative
Modelbuilder: github.com/mariuswatz/modelbuilder

// ***** Source Code / Tutorials Used *****//

Geomerative: freeartbureau.org/fab_activity/geomerative-tutorial-part-1
Modelbuilder: workshop.evolutionzone.com/2012/08/30/workshops-sept-89-sound-responsive-visuals-3d-printing-and-parametric-modeling

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