Artist: Cosku Ozdemir

Artist Statement:
We might not have a competing Mo-team here in Istanbul yet, but that doesn't mean we're not behind the effort!
Introducing Ugh in "Movember"
Robotika Films, 2012
CG Supervisor: Coşku Özdemir
Producer: Neda Niquie
Story Artists: Aziz Koçanaoğulları, Davut Toy
Character Designer & Modeller: Fırat Tanrıkulu
Rigger: Görkem Öztaş
Animators: Aziz Koçanaoğulları, Davut Toy
Technical Director: Vikram Puttanna
Texturing: Fırat Tanrıkulu, Coşku Özdemir
Lighting & Compositing: Coşku Özdemir
Music & Sound Design: Headroom İstanbul - Ferit Özgüner & Harun İyicil
Hand-crafted in Istanbul.
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