This is not a tutorial video.
WholeWorldBand is a new audio-visual music app conceived by Kevin Godley, (WholeWorldBand,10CC/Godley & Crème) and developed by Kevin Godley and Andy Wood (Hypergallery,Cubic Motion). The app allows anyone to earn money by recording their own music.

Once an artist has recorded their seed track they set an admission price for others to join their session. All rights remain with the artist. WholeWorldBand allows acts to engage with their audience in a new way while generating another revenue stream. The app will be going live this Summer 2013 on the Apple app store.

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Writer - Kevin Godley
DOP - Josh Bourke
Producer & Script Editor - Suzanne Doyle
Audio recording & Edit - Brendan Rehill
Audio recording & Mixing - Lance Hogan

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