so, i fell way behind with making videos as the year wrapped up. as the last few weeks seemed to drag on, i took little videos here and there of stuff i did and then decided to string them all together. freshman year was a crazy one, with getting to know new people, living with fifty other girls, being employed, and having to learn how to balance my time in a completely new way. but it was soooo GOOD. the past nine months have been amazing, and i really can't imagine them playing out any other way. aside from the clichés, i'm just going to list all of the clips in this video. i don't feel like writing a heavy post about the entire video. here it goes!
- driving to uvillage starbucks at night with josh
- walking with kenneth
- listening to new albums/doing homework at spencer's desk in 502
- stumptown coffee (MY HEART)
- oddfellow's with kenneth
- elliott bay books
- attending the senior showcase for the design majors
- communing with the canal
- listening to sam's records (childish gambino, laura marling, and tame impala)
- hanging out in my room with kenneth and sam
- my beautiful yearbook and a sunny afternoon
- last jamba juice trip of the year with laura and some of our floormates
- kenneth hanging out with me/studying after i got off work
- jack, the editor-in-chief of our newspaper being a cat whisperer at our advisor's house
- midnight "cram jam" before finals with friends
- studying for finals at stumptown
- standing in totokaelo, a curated clothing/furnishing store
- riding the bus with henry
- watching bike polo with my dad in capitol hill
- kerry park at sunset
- going to the ballard locks with my dad
- driving by the marina on the way to golden gardens
- the tunnel out of the city, and the buildings
- flying home and landing

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