The MCA Projection is divided into 3 key chapters that are inspired by Artist Gemma Smith. The MCA building morphs into an interactive and dynamic performance space, coming to life, changing its appearance, and even seeming to change its structure at times. As each chapter evolves we have built drama and emotion through animation and 3D visual effects tricks that will take the view on an abstract visual, emotional and playful journey.

Chapter One. The Adaptable Series. The projection begins with the formation of a grid-like mathematic construct of the MCA build that mimics a complex shapes that eventually forms into a moving structure of Gemma’s Smiths Adaptable Series. Inspired by GS’s shape, colour and form.

Chapter Two. The Boulders. Taking inspiration from the physical nature of the boulders series. We have created a world that is reminiscent of a magical glass space. This sequence is the romance, the heart of the piece. Carefully designed delicate shapes and patterns that animate inside the interior of the building using a range of complex 3D particle effects.

Chapter Three. Tangles. We move into a world of interconnected objects that evolve into an organic interconnected 3D paint stroke world. They wrap and build within the construct of the building. These colours eventual form the end sequence were the ‘tangles’ break open and fill the MCA with various colours of paint.

Hardware and mapping was undertaken by our good friends, large-scale projection experts, TDC (

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