Filmed & Edited by Brian Burkard. Directed by Brian Burkard.

Shark Anthony (Artist/Producer)

Brian Burkard (Videographer)


Break some weed down. Roll the windows up.
This is what that feels like so turn the jam up
I swam up, for lunch from the reef.
Hold your breath when you see me smoking on that seaweed
An OG from my skull to my toenails,
My life is my word. I let it out like an exhale.
Prevail, when all my plans get derailed.
Ambient production so all my bitches sleep well.
All my beats got detail.
That's why these rappers want me sending shit up to their Gmails.
But life ain't free, so work ain't cheap.
Everybody on their grinds got a stomach to feed.
The last month of my life has been tragic.
I need a rabbit in a hat to work some fucking magic.
Sparking up a joint, to my girl is where I pass it.
You tryna get a hit, but in my eyes you fucking absent.
We joint rollin', She strip pollin', I'm hip holdin'.
I can never tell where you'll be going...
Lay low, I Lay low
Lay low, la la Lay low.

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