"Be careful when fishing for compliments, not everyone takes the bait!'

Ken "Ken Simpson" Simpson is a Toronto based Director/Editor/Compositor.  Ken first fell in love with the process of making movies in high school and it's been his life's passion ever since. His long standing interest in art, technology, and storytelling has been the catalyst for countless hair-brained schemes and his first feature length directorial debut, "Headcase" is currently in post-production.

I approached “Ri-sip-ruh-keyt” in a much more structured manner than my last viewpoint challenge.  Limited camera moves, a detailed shot list, and a single location were the hallmarks of this particular viewpoint.  It was a chance for me not only to shoot with the Canon 5D mark II camera (which I was eager to get my hands on!) but more importantly to strengthen my relationships with a cast and crew who I’ve worked with previously.  I feel these exercises are analogous to peering into an artist’s sketchbook, where the emphasis for me has been on perfecting my skills as a filmmaker without the added pressure to deliver a polished commodity.  They’ve allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone and explore themes I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’d like to thank Tomas and Russ again for the opportunity to create and share these films.

- Ken Simpson

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