Ever Wonder Which Supplements a Top Natural Practitioner Takes?

Over 12 respected years in clinical natural medicine, Shauna Young, PhD, CTN, formulator and published author of Durango, CO has seen 1,000's of clients traveling from every U.S. State and beyond. Dr. Young now applies her unique experience in health consultation to create Assertive Wellness® products, targeted only at those common nutritional voids that most need supplementing in support of already superior diets.

These "Dr. Shauna Recommends" products are designed to supply and optimize foundational nutrients lacking in modern diets while always respecting and prioritizing supplementation within wise budgets. Always the highest quality, 100% natural nutritionals available anywhere, with no "fad" products, no stuff you don't need, no hype.

Omega-3 Optima is a superior and natural source of Omega-3 EPA & DHA essential fatty acids (EFA's) - termed "essential" because although they're required nutrients for optimal health, our bodies cannot produce them.

Omega-3's are widely credited with promoting our natural anti-inflammatory response, benefiting the health and function of brain, heart, joints, circulation and other tissues and systems of the body. Signs of potential Omega-3 deficiencies are issues with memory, circulation, heart, skin, joints, chronic depression and chronic fatigue.

Standard fish oils can supply EFA's, but Omega-3 Optima softgels are Molecularly Distilled for exceptional purity and are Enteric "smart-coated" for passage through the harsh stomach and release in the intestines to deliver 3 times superior benefit with no fish-burp-back, bad breath or indigestion!

100% Money Back Guarantee. We'll earn your trust!

You can find Omega-3 Optima on Amazon.com at:

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