Medium: HD video projection of a single line onto layered warped screens.
Dimension: 60"x 30"x12"

Catching light has been a lifelong passion of mine. In recent years I have been focused on working with the perceived fragmentation of straight lines of light as they are projected onto open networks (string, grass, and tree

Here a single straight line of light scans a mesh surface revealing a series of instantaneous slices through the warped form akin to an MRI or architectural section. The straight line’s doppelganger appears to be floating over
its disciplined self as sinewy curls, powdery flares and effervescent sparks.

Video documentation of installation of Crawl at Ross Gallery. (The video begins with a still photo.) Crawl was developed during my residency (The Expansive Field Project) at South Fork Natural History Museum in Spring 2013.

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