Urban Container Gardening, Organic Compost, Tetra pots and fashion bags.

Faced with the increasing issue of food security, Banaba is creating urban container gardens to locally produce vegetables and herbs. Using A-risers and recycled tetra packs into plant pots, the result is durable, reusable and eco-friendly products to suit the whole community.

Bureau of Soil NPK tested compost is made from collecting bio-degradable waste from around the community. The enterprise is working towards reducing household wastage.

Tetra-products are made in a variety of shapes and styles, using recycled tetra juice packs sourced from local landfills and garbage dumps. Juice packets are collected by tetra-pickers, washed and sewed by the Banaba women who are happy to accommodate for any new designs.


Lyn Ramos
Livelihood Point Person

Pablo Taon III
Urban Container Garden Enterprise

Alfonso Caybot
Organic Compost Enterprise

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