Please feel free to forward to the following questions:

- 00:08 - What is the process for selecting participants to the Onsite Coaching and Incubating Innovation elements of the program?
- 01:20 - What would past participants of New Pathways for the Arts | New York City identify as benefits from their participation in the previous program?
- 04:43 - What might be the fit for an organization that serves other organizations on a national level?
- 05:51 - When will funders look at metrics that are aligned with the new era for the arts? When will they shift their priorities and structures?
- 08:38 - Can you speak to how small arts organizations might experience or fit with this program?
- 12:43 - In the context of this program, how might you handle and guide conversations and personalities that might be thorny?
- 15:27 - How do you see the program as able to change the limited resources and systems that arts development organizations operate in?
- 21:34 - What's the difference with the "Engaging the Future" program that's listed as a previous "New Pathways" program?

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