"The Carpool" is a story between four different "carpoolers" trying to survive the daily commute, which include Miles, the leader; Sam, the sexy blonde; Christiano, the foreigner; and a mystery member. In this pilot episode "Merging," the crew breaks up with their "Number 2." Miles then decides that auditions need to be held to fill the now vacant position.

Executive Producer: J.J. Geiger
Producer/Director: Michael Alan Hoy
Associate Producer: Harry Jierjian
Writer: Tony Astrino

Mitchell Bisschop as Miles
Kate Feld as Sam
Ben Bowen as Christiano
Joe Sofranko as Dave
Patrick Reid as Front Passenger
Nick Zayas as Robert
Monica Percich as Sarah
Marc McHone as Walter
Vivicca Whitsett as Bea
Will Harris as Raymond
Kelley Jakle as Jessica
Antonia Raftu as Holly

"Genius of Fun" by Love Grenades
"Health Sciences" by The Franks
All music used with permission.

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