MULTICULTURALISM, that woebegone buzzword of our collective effort to be a Coca Cola commercial teaching the world to sing—TOGETHER and in perfect harmony—is sadly dead.

Off-key with just a hint of bad breath, such good intentions once hallelujahed in glory have faded, turned sour and lost face. So face down in the mud, it now needs a proper yet colorful burial to segue from a lame duck ideal whose time finally passed by.

Host Larry Lee along with the minions on hand bade a fond adieu to our unspecified yet ethnic-inclusive, gender-neutral, and politically correct, et al, friend in a decidedly non-denominational service.

Originally performed at the Charnel House on Sunday, May 1, 2011 as part of Five Funerals Project presented by the Alliance of Pentiphilic Curators (Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland, props.).

A multimedia production/performance with bagpiper James Brian, Helen Maurene Cooper as Ghost; Windy City Rollers as pallbearers; Paolo Cabal, You-Ni Chae, Carron Little, Johanna Silva, Jenyu Wang, Juan Martinez, Sabeen Ashroff Omar, Shreya Sethi, and Marina Miliou-Theocharaki as interpreters; and Inadequate Security (Sarah Wild and Jeffrey Grauel in collaboration)

Photodocumentation by Cheng-Yung Kuo
Film documentation by Alex Zhang
Post Production by Alex Herrera

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