Choreographer - Maida Withers
Dancers - Eva Dornstreich, Alex Lang, Brooke Miller, Lydia Mokdessi, Christine Moloney, Kristin Pepin
Costume Concept - Maida Withers
Costume Design - Karen Cerkez
Light Design - John Neiderhouser
Set Design - Anthony Gongora
Audio Design – Marc Friend

Rising Tide, a dance work that is part of the Fare Well project, examines the rising level of our oceans and the pollution of the seas and our world with plastic water bottles and other debris. Dancers create diverse sounds as they move the body adorned with these somewhat regal plastic bottle costumes – a fitting metaphor for human indulgences. Recorded sounds of whales provide a haunting environment for Rising Tide.

First performed at DanceWorks in Washington, DC

Copyright (c) 2009

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