The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse ~ Resurrected Vision
An illustrated film lecture by
David Phelps

... It was the idea of a bullet that could pierce a body without leaving a trace that inspired him, Lang said. Once the embodiment of the times, his new Mabuse is wholly disembodied, an empty brand name, an image without a trace. But Lang’s hoariest film is also his closest to documentary—the end of a tradition, it looks forward to a new cinema only by turning back on itself as critique." – David Phelps

David Phelps is an editor and writer at La Furia Umana, and has contributed to publications including Notebook, Senses of Cinema, LOLA, Cinema Scope, BOMB, and The L Mag. He’s writing a cinetract series called The Secret History of America, as well as working on Fritz Lang. Phelps is also a translator, programmer, movie-maker, private tutor and lives in New York.

STANDUP MOVIE PROFESSOR is an ongoing Millennium Film Workshop Series.
This MFW program occurred at Theatre 80 (St Mark's Place, East Village NYC) May 23, 2012

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