This is an introduction to my Max for Live Device, Vidget. It enables sync of Video to Ableton via OSC.
Play video in the vj app of your choice and control it from clips inside Live.
There is also a modified version of the Buffer Shuffler which allows you to mash up and glitch video.
Plus an experimental feature which allows you to use any temporal effects e.g Beat Repeat.

It is free but issued under the following completely made up licence:

If it breaks your computer its not my fault.
If you make any of this stuff work better please share it.
Please look at my website and get me some interesting work. Paid preferred!
If you sell any other max for live devices and you find these ones useful, please let me have a copy of yours.
Any Problems please email info at digitalfunfair dot co dot uk

There is a short example project to get you started.Download one of the Vidget Files then one of the Media Files. Unzip both. Read the 'Read Me' file for instructions.

Vidget Files: (for Live 8/Max 5+) (for Live 9/Max 6.1.2+)

Media Files: (for OSX) (for Windows)

To introduce your own files look at the clip automation of the existing clips. it basically comprises of a ramped clip envelope the length of the clip and a separate 'constant' clip for the clip index. If anyone wants one I'll make another video later.
If you want to use other software for the video portion there is info about the OSC data in the Read Me File.
I have half written a m4L device that gives output compatible with the Vizzable plugins. If anyone hassles me enough I'll finish it.

Vidget uses a slightly modified version of Buffer Shuffler 2 by Manuel Poletti 2012
Original Buffer Shuffler 1 design by Darwin Grosse, with help from Emmanuel Jourdan

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