Did you ever read ‘choose you own adventure’ books, where you got to decide what the characters in the story would do next?

How about the storytelling game where one person would start the story and then pass it along at an exciting moment for the next person to continue?

Did you ever watch a television show and wonder if you could do it better?

Cliffhanger Falls is the revolutionary new online soap opera that combines all of these elements by having the audience create the next episode. The current episode can be viewed on the main page. YOU have to pick up where it left off and continue the story.

The countdown timer will tell you how much time is left until the next episode is broadcast. That's how much time you have to write, shoot, and upload your entry. Only one video will be chosen as the next part of the story and when it airs the process starts all over again!

Cliffhanger Falls is a soap opera spoof. This genre and setting should allow for any and all crazy ideas and storylines that you can come up with. In fact, the crazier the better. We want to see long lost twin siblings, amnesia attacks, brain transplants and people seemingly coming back from the dead. Hopefully all at once.

Soap operas are notorious for ending each scene and episode at a dramatic moment, and Cliffhanger Falls is no different. Each submission should end in a place where the audience has no idea what comes next and everybody coming after you can go wild. Just like in the storytelling game, we want each episode to have a "when all of sudden…your turn!" ending.

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