Imagine you are sleeping,
Imagine you are dreaming,
Imagine you are not imagining.

There is a thin line between dream and reality, but sometimes the mind loses its power of perception and that thin line is obliterated. We all have unfulfilled desires and dreaming is an amazing way to experience them in stunning realism. It is our natural virtual reality headset, our one portal to other worlds where we can temporarily escape this reality and live the life of our dreams. Have a look at your surroundings right now. Question whether any of it is real. How is it that you can see everything in such detail? What processes occur in your brain to make vision possible? What if you trip your information processing abilities and the things you can see become a little less tangible?
In this story the lead actor "Karan" faces the same problem but only in an amplified way. He gets so confused that he finally takes drastic measures to ensure reality,.

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