This is a few minutes of a mini-documentary I made for key audiences during the fight to keep equal marriage secure.

First, lawmakers, who faced nearly 20 high-pressure votes on the issue, and pressure to "Let The People Vote" in a referendum too. Also, opinion leaders and influencers, including very well-meaning folks who thought a Constitutional Amendment could never pass here. Everyone on the front line needed a common view on a complex issue. And one that didn't cede values, moral authority, and our shared American principles to the opposition. (The good guys do that a lot.)

Obviously, I used Massachusetts stories and folks, but the emphasis was on another state, Wisconsin. A blue state. Another "liberal bastion." People in Wisconsin were stunned there to lose a referendum when they thought they could win. Maybe like blue state California was. Yeah.

This is about 4 minutes of the total 12. Want to see the whole thing? Say so.

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