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Bringing back holiday videos, and creating memories. As a child I use to love nothing more than sitting infront of the big tv and inserting my favourite family video into the VCR. The feeling of its chunky-ness in my hands and the sound of the video player automatically rewinding it back to the start.

I would then sit for hours, rewinding and fast-forwarding to my favourite parts. Reliving a moment and watching my family creating memories.

I'm so glad they took the time to make these videos as without knowing, someday these parties would end and these people would no longer be with us but not for me I still had it all in my hands, a priceless gift, forever grateful.

So, I'm going to begin capturing these moments for my me and my future family. Not perfect well edited video's, but vibrant, organic ones. A reminder of a time, a moment, here as it is now.

So here it is, our first official holiday...Ibiza.

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